Privacy & Photography Guidelines

The Ace Toronto (Un)Conference is a space that is intended to bring ace and/or arospec communities together allowing more in-depth conversations that are not possible otherwise. Some of these conversations focus on sharing personal experiences of how we interface with larger systems of violence and marginalisation. In order for people to be comfortable attending and sharing space, it is important that we take attendees’ privacy into consideration.

We ask that all attendees be mindful of people’s different comfort-levels and needs for safety and privacy, particularly when it comes to things like photography. Some attendees may not be “out” publicly about their sexual and/or romantic orientations or gender identities: a picture taken without permission could be a serious safety risk. Some attendees also experience things like social anxiety.

When checking in, attendees will be given the choice between red, yellow, and green stickers to add to their name badges.

  • Blue sticker: I am open to people approaching me!
  • Yellow sticker: I may be open to people approaching me, especially people I already know.
  • Red sticker: Please do not approach me (I may approach you– according to your sticker).

Please take the following statements into consideration before recording, photographing, or documenting the conference:

  • Ask for consent / explicit permission before photographing / recording people and also before posting and tagging content online or offline.
    • Please respect attendees’ choices to be or not be photographed, video recorded, or otherwise documented, as well as about where/how images can and cannot be posted or tagged.
    • Anyone seeking to photograph or record anything in a “professional capacity” (e.g., media, researchers, etc.) must make arrangements ahead of time, and may be denied permission. See info for media, non-profit staff and researchers/student researchers.
  • Follow the Respect Guidelines to the best or your ability