About Us

Toronto Aces & Aros (formerly Ace Toronto) is a diverse group of people (in the Toronto region and surrounding area) who are on the ace/asexual spectrum and/or the aromantic spectrum (and those questioning whether they might be ace and/or arospec).

People on the asexual spectrum (i.e., “ace people”) include, for example, people who identify as asexual, greyasexual and/or demisexual (of various romantic orientations and/or who are aromantic). There are many, diverse ace identities and experiences.

People on the aromantic spectrum (i.e., “arospec people”) include, for example, people who self-identify as aromantic, greyromantic and/or demiromantic (who might or might not also be ace). There are many, diverse arospec identities and experiences.

Toronto Aces & Aros is about building local asexual/ace and/or arospec (and questioning) community connections by:

We even have a Zine!

Toronto Aces & Aros activities are organised by the Toronto Aces & Aros Collective.
Our Mission Statement and Accessibility information are now available.

You can also check out the Toronto Aces & Aros tumblr, the Toronto Aces & Aros facebook page, or the private Toronto Aces & Aros Facebook group.
Or contact us by e-mail at ace.toronto.general@gmail.com.

If you’re ace and/or arospec (or questioning whether you might be) and interested in regular community meetups (like monthly discussions and social events), consider joining the googlegroup to where you can participate in scheduling events and some other community discussion.