About Us

Toronto Aces & Aros (formerly Ace Toronto*) is a diverse group of people (in the Toronto region and surrounding area) who are on the ace/asexual spectrum and/or the aromantic spectrum (and those questioning whether they might be ace and/or arospec).

People on the asexual spectrum (i.e., “ace people”) include, for example, people who identify as asexual, greyasexual and/or demisexual (of various romantic orientations and/or who are aromantic). There are many, diverse ace identities and experiences.

People on the aromantic spectrum (i.e., “arospec people”) include, for example, people who self-identify as aromantic, greyromantic and/or demiromantic (who might or might not also be ace). There are many, diverse arospec identities and experiences.

*We are working on switching our url to represent our scope and new name but this is a complicated process and will take time.

Toronto Aces & Aros is about building local asexual/ace and/or arospec (and questioning) community connections by:

We even have a Zine!

Toronto Aces & Aros activities are organised by the Toronto Aces & Aros Collective.
Our Mission Statement and Accessibility information are now available.

Contact us by e-mail at toronto.aces.and.aros@gmail.com

You can also check out the Toronto Aces & Aros tumblr, the Toronto Aces & Aros facebook page, or the private Toronto Aces & Aros Facebook group.

If you’re ace and/or arospec (or questioning whether you might be)….

  • We now have an active Discord server for ongoing communications! Please email us for more information. (toronto.aces.and.aros@gmail.com)
  • Consider joining the googlegroup to where you can participate in scheduling events and some other community discussion.