Thank You!

We would like to thank our space sponsors: RyePRIDE


We would also like to thank everyone who contributed financially in order to help make this conference possible.

  • Thanks to OPIRG York for their financial support.
  • Thanks to OPIRG Toronto for their printing support.

Individual community members who supported us:

  • Neil Treadway
  • Philip Balt
  • Marshall Chasin
  • Douglas Gregory
  • Rose Belyea
  • Sam G.
  • Jane Deluzio
  • Mel Luz
  • Sarah Belyea
  • Matthew Hendrickson
  • Holly O’Neill
  • Jade Wang
  • Melanie Warren
  • Ashley Morford
  • Anonymous Contributor(s)
  • many attendees who contributed registration fees (pwyc– suggested donation $5-$30)