Call for Programming Proposals

Ace Toronto is seeking programming proposals for our 2017 (un)conference in Toronto, Ontario!

Important Dates:
Proposal Submission Deadline: November 30, 2016
Conference Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Interested in leading some programming? Please fill out the Programming Proposal Form.

More information:

The Ace Toronto (un)conference is for people who are on the ace and/or aromantic spectrums or questioning whether they might be, and for their friends, partners, and family.

The goal of this conference is to create a space for more in-depth conversations among ace and/or arospec community members. (It is not specifically a space to educate non-ace/non-arospec people about asexuality and/or aromanticism.)

The format of this conference will include set programming in the morning (e.g., workshops, panels, etc.) and an “unconference” format in the afternoon with programming decided day-of.

Ace Toronto recognises that social context matters, and we acknowledge and oppose many systemic barriers and forces of oppression. We aim to proactively create a space that is welcoming and inclusive of ace and/or arospec community members who are often left out or othered. This conference is therefore a politicised space.

We ask all prospective programming facilitators to read Ace Toronto’s full Mission Statement.

We especially welcome submissions from facilitators from marginalized and oppressed backgrounds, including but not limited to Black and indigenous people and people of colour, disabled people/people with disabilities, and trans people, particularly trans women.

In our decision-making process we will consider the interests expressed by people planning to attend the conference as well as the relevance of proposals to our goals and mission statement.

If we receive more than one proposal for similar topics, we may ask if you are interested in facilitating programming together. We may not be able to include all proposed programming in the morning section (for those who request it), but there will be an afternoon portion with scheduling decided day-of where you would still be able to facilitate your programming.

Ace Toronto is committed to providing accessible spaces for all participants and facilitators. We will be following up in regards to any accessibility concerns after making our programming decisions.

Interested? Please fill out the Programming Proposal Form.

Interested in attending the conference? Check out the Registration Info.