Conference Accessibility

Why is accessibility important?

We aim to proactively create a space that is welcoming and inclusive of ace and/or arospec community members who are often left out or othered. Community-building work must prioritise accessibility, or else it will perpetuate the isolating forces we are trying to resist.

We are committed to creating an inclusive space, where as many people as possible can be comfortable and participate fully– especially those who are often excluded from community events because of accessibility barriers. Accessibility and inclusivity are central to the goals of this conference. Without them, the conference cannot take place. 

How will this conference be accessible to people who want to attend?

We recognise that barriers to accessibility come both from the space itself and from how people treat each other within that space. We already plan for the following things to be in place at this conference:

  • Respect Guidelines & guidelines about privacy and photography
    • including blue, yellow and red stickers to help people communicate their comfort-levels being approached by others
    • so that everyone has a framework for respectful interactions
  • Wheelchair accessible space (elevators and ramps; doorways that people can navigate, etc.)
    • so that as many attendees as possible will be able to navigate in the space
      • more details about the physical space & lighting here
      • map of the space here
  • ASL Interpretation by ASL interpreters who are familiar with the local LGBTQ+ Deaf community
    • so that signing D/deaf and hard of hearing attendees can participate
  • All-gender washrooms
    • so that trans and/or non-binary attendees can be safe and comfortable
  • Quiet room
    • so that people who need to decompress / take some space can do so
  • Providing scent-free soap in washrooms & a low-scent space (check out our Scent-Free Guide)
    • so that attendees with sensory sent sensitivities can participate
  • Providing printed materials and signage
    • so that attendees can participate fully and navigate the space effectively
  • Providing a variety of accessible food
    • so that attendees with diverse dietary needs can participate

We ask that if you require accommodations not listed above that you let us know on the registration form.

What about financial accessibility?

This conference is a “pay what you can” event with a suggested donation of $5-$30 to help cover some of the costs of the conference.
*** NOTE: No one will be turned away for lack of funds. ***

We are also trying to co-ordinate billeting (for attendees from out-of-town who need a place to stay for the night) and carpooling.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any travel bursaries at this time.

You can register for the conference here.

We are doing major fundraising to help us arrange an accessible conference (including ASL interpretation). You can help by donating and sharing the page on your social medias.