Respect Guidelines

Be mindful that our members come from diverse experiences and include:

  • Autistic or otherwise neurodivergent people
  • Mad and/or mentally ill people
  • Disabled people and/or people with disabilities
  • Racialised people and/or people of Colour
  • Trans, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming people
  • Survivors of sexual and/or other violence
  • People with disability-related speech/language barriers
  • People with limited access to English
  • People with different experiences and comfort levels around sexual stuff
  • People with allergies and sensitivities to various smells, as well as sensitivities to lights and smells

Please assume that these experiences (and others) are present in our community spaces and be respectful.

Specifically this means…

  • Do your best to avoid things like racism, disableism, heterosexism, transphobia & ciscentrism, sexism, sizeism, ageism, and/or gender policing, etc.
  • Respect everyone’s self-described identities and pronouns (including the choice not to have or disclose them)
  • What’s shared stays here and what’s learned leaves here:
    • It’s okay to share ideas and things you’ve learned from the event with others after the conference (and please do!)
    • Keep people’s personal experiences confidential and don’t share any personal information about anyone without their expressed consent.
  • Respect everyone’s boundaries around personal space, social communication and privacy (more info here)
    • Pay attention to the blue, yellow and red stickers on name badges
    • Ask before photographing anyone and/or posting or tagging images online or offline, and only do those things with explicit consent from everyone involved
  • Do your best to participate in a scent-free space (see the Scent-Free guide)
  • Avoid making comments or asking questions about other people’s bodies  
  • Speak from your own experience
    • Do not make assumptions about other people’s experiences and remember that no single person can speak for a whole group.
  • Mention a content-warning before any explicit discussion of sexual activity or sexual violence
    • Respect content-warnings for these and other topics that people request
  • Be open to input and suggestions about how you can help to keep the space safer for everyone.

Please be mindful of the respect guidelines throughout the conference. Violating the respect guidelines (i.e., harassment) will not be tolerated and will result in being asked to leave the space and/or (Un)conference.