For Media, Non-Profit Staff, and Researchers/Student Researchers

The Ace Toronto (Un)Conference is a space that is intended to bring ace and/or arospec communities together allowing more in-depth conversations that are not possible otherwise.

Some of these conversations focus on sharing personal experiences of how we interface with larger systems of violence and marginalisation. In order for people to be comfortable attending and sharing space, it is important that we take attendee’s privacy into consideration.

We ask that all attendees be mindful and respectful of people’s different comfort-levels and needs for safety and privacy.

As this is a space intended for ace and/or arospec community members and allies: it is primarily and internal community event. The (Un)Conference is not geared toward meeting needs of outside organisations, nor is it about educating non-ace/non-arospec people about asexuality and aromanticsm. (We do also facilitate educational workshops for those purposes, and would be happy to arrange something with your organisation, separate from the (Un)Conference.)

Anyone attending the (Un)Conference (either partly or fully) in a “professional” capacity (e.g., media, non-profit staff, researcher/student researcher, etc.) should identify themselves to the conference organisers ahead of time, and to attendees.

Any professional/media/researchers who wants to collect information must make arrangements in advance with the conference organisers, and may be denied approval.

  • Unauthorizsed information collection may result in being asked to leave to event.
  • Any approved project would have to be consistent with our Respect Guidelines and would have to be able to proceed without causing any interruptions for attendees who do not wish to participate in it, and with full informed consent of the people who do wish to participate in it.

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