Ace TV

“Ace TV” was a time-limited project for ace youth (age 29 and under) hosted by Regent Park TV at the Regent Park Focus, in co-operation with Planned Parenthood Toronto and us (Ace Toronto).

Due to some technical difficulties, some of the footage that was filmed for Episode 3 was lost. Time limitations made it impossible to either re-films those scenes or to add in the missing information in other formats during the editing stage. Therefore, we have included some of this missing information in a supplement.

The 4 episodes are available online.

  1. Episode 1: Introduction to Asexuality (Personal Experiences)
  2. Episode 2: Diversity on the Asexual Spectrum: Interview Part 1
  3. Episode 3: Diversity on the Asexual Spectrum: Interview Part 2
  4. Episode 4: “Velcro”– Exploring Boundaries in Asexual Spectrum Relationships

The copyright for the 4 “Ace TV” episodes is shared between Regent Park TV, Planned Parenthood Toronto & Ace Toronto.