Outreach & Education Team


  • Planning and holding workshops
  • Creating Toronto Aces & Aros educational materials
  • Editing/co-ordinating the Toronto Aces & Aros Zine
  • Maintaining the Tumblr
  • Making educational material available (e.g., by posting them here)
  • Liaising with other groups (e.g., The 519, Pride Toronto)
  • Handling the group’s money (since most money is earned and spent through outreach activities)

Toronto Aces & Aros’ upcoming public workshops are announced on the Toronto Aces & Aros tumblr.

Toronto Aces & Aros’ Outreach & Education Team develops educational materials specifically for various audiences. If you are interested in inviting Toronto Aces & Aros to facilitate a workshop or co-host an event, check out our Workshops page.

Contact the Outreach & Education Team: ace.toronto.outreach@gmail.com

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