Space Accessibility

Currently Toronto Aces & Aros is still holding events online.

Toronto Aces & Aros holds all of our in-person discussion events (and as many social events as possible) in spaces that are both wheelchair-accessible (ramp and elevators) and that provide all-gender washrooms, such as:

  • The 519 Centre– Toronto’s LGBTQ+ community centre (519 Church St.)
  • Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) Student Union/Centre (55 Gould St.)

We also try to announce meetup times & locations at least a week and a half in advance so that people who need to book WheelTrans are able to do that.

Furthermore, we understand that “space accessibility” goes beyond whether people are physically able to enter a space. People’s experiences are diverse and there are often issues that can make “being in a space with others” difficult and which therefore need to be accommodated. We currently have (and welcome) members who experience sensory processing issues, and/or issues of mental health/mental illness/madness. We consider these needs to the best of our collective ability in planning our meetups.

For example, we are working toward providing a reduced-scent environment.  However, this is challenging because we often share space with other groups and because different people are sensitive to different scents. Please let us know about your scent-related and other sensory processing access needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them. We do ask that people avoid wearing scented products to meetups– check out our Scent Free Guide. We also provide unscented soap and ask that people use that instead of the soap already in the venue’s bathrooms. 

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer ASL interpretation for occasional meetups and are currently working to be able to do so more frequently. We currently offer student ASL interpretation for most of board-game socials. We can provide a projector and computer with someone live-transcribing discussions as they happen (so people can read what’s being said and can contribute in written form). However, we only bring the equipment upon request (because of logistical arrangements), so please let us know in advance if you need this kind of technology.

We do want to be as accessible as possible and we recognise this is a work in progress.

Please contact us about any accommodations you might need to access our meetups (

If you’re interested in regular ace (and/or arospec) community meetups (like monthly discussions and social events), consider joining the googlegroup to where you can participate in scheduling events and some other community discussion.

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